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  Black Friesian Gelding

Wilby lives at Stonegate Farm, north west of Orillia, Ontario, Canada. His owner Lillian Tepera speaks of her horse:

"Wilbert (barn name Wilby) is an eight year old Friesian gelding I have had the privilege of owning for over 4 years. He is 16 hh and distinctively the "Baroque" Friesian type: the classic, short-legged, round-bodied conformation with strong, rounded hindquarters, powerful shoulders and muscular, cresty neck.

Riding Wilby brings a smile to everyone's face. He is light in the mouth, responsive, and his trot is so smooth it's easier to sit than post. The canter is a whole other experience: "rocking-horse" motion with tremendous power. Wilby is trained in basic dressage, and I have even persuaded him to try jumping a small X, although he is definitely not built for anything higher and does his best to convince me that he was not bred to jump! However, Wilby will do whatever you ask of him, and do so with grace and charm. He is the kindest horse I have ever worked with, and demonstrates his kindness in our Therapeutic Riding program where he works with riders of varying ability. He is always a hit, with riders and volunteers alike.

Black FriesianI bought Wilby from the gentleman who bred him in Holland (and subsequently brought with him to Canada), Ted Vanderkooi. Ted's comment when we agreed to the sale: "He will be a good friend to you for many years" -- not what I expect to hear when buying a horse, but absolutely true for Wilby. He is the boss of my small herd, but never "bossy," always happy to come in and work, and polite even when asking for his breakfast, which he does with a distinctive "fluff-fluff-fluff" nicker."

"Congratulations to Wilbert for being our December 17th, 2007 Horse of the Week!

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